Biographical Information

Alive (Undead)

Physical Description

PDS Sufferer



Hair Colour


Eye Colour


Family Information

Other Information

Series Information

Anne Saville

First Appearance

Series Two Episode Four

Last Appearance

Series Two Episode Six

Zoe Kelly is a PDS sufferer who resides in Roarton, a participant of the PDS Give Back Scheme before submitting to Simon's ULA teachings.

Series 2Edit

Episode 4Edit

Having wanted to make Simon, proud Zoe breaks into the Roarton Medical Centre with Brian. She urges the PDS sufferers to leave as she sprays 'ULA' on the walls, however is prompted by Brian to just leave which she does.

Episode 6Edit

Going to the cemetary she and the other ULA members confront the march to which Jem pulls out her gun, she and the others let her pass as they follow to see Kieren rabid.

After Simon saves Kieren, Zoe is confused, wondering why Simon had stopped what may have initiated the Second Rising.

Later, Zoe proclaims Simon a traitor at the Roarton Legion.

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