The Undead Prophet
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The Undead Prophet is the leader of the Undead Liberation Army. He claim to be a fellow PDS sufferer, but due to Simon being the first to respond to Neurotriptyline, this is not true. The Undead Prophet is actually a test of mind control by the scientists.

He wears a skeleton mask to hide his identity and have set up a password-protected website for PDS sufferers to spread the word about the Liberation Movement.

Series 1Edit

While still in the treatment centre, Kieren's room mate Alex gives him a web address and password to the Undead Prophet's website before taking Blue Oblivion and going rabid.

After returning home, Kieren accesses the website and watches a video of the Undead Prophet. Amy also visits the website before she leaves to go to his commune.

Series 2 Edit

The Undead Prophet was the supplier of the Blue Oblivion that Rob used in the attack at Roarton Valley High School.

Simon hears the Undead Prophet speak to him while in the treatment centre, and thinks he's beginning to lose his sanity before his experience is reiterated by another PDS sufferer at the centre.

The Undead Prophet sends a video to Simon in episode 5, telling him that he must sacrifice the First Risen for the Second Resurrection to occur.

The Undead Prophet was actually a test done by scientist too see if they could control the PDS sufferers by mind manipulation.