Tom Russo
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Dark brown

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Paul Warriner

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Series Two Episode One

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Series Two Episode Six

Tom Russo is a doctor who works alongside Shirley Wilson at the Roarton Medical Centre.

Series 2Edit

Episode 1Edit

Kieren visits Tom and Shirley for a checkup, where Kieren is shown to have experienced eye pain which Tom explains as a effect of the Neurotriptyline regrowing cells. He advises Kieren not to wear the contacts all the time while giving him 6 months supply of Neurotriptyline for his journey abroad.

Episode 2Edit

Amy visits this time as she becomes worried about her uncontrollable shaking, as he asks her about her out of date perscription she replies she went to a place which made their own Neurotriptyline. He scoffs at this and writes her a perscription for the real version.

Episode 3 Edit

Having the PDS Give Back Scheme put into effect, Kieren and Simon were assigned to help clean up at the centre. He gives them cleaning equipment before leaving.

Episode 6Edit

After the arrival of Nina and Oliver who request the location of Amy Dyer Tom refuses that he does not know, allthough eventually gives up her whereabouts.

Later, when Amy is brought in due to her stab wound he is surprised to see that her eyes are normal and that she is bleeding, however she has lost too much blood and dies shortly after.


Shirley Wilson Shirley hints that she's attracted to Tom, though it is unknown whether or not these feelings are mutual.


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