Simon Monroe
Biographical Information

Alive (Undead)

Current Age

27 (32)







Physical Description

PDS sufferer (Undead)



Hair Colour


Eye Colour

Grey (currently)

Blue (formerly)


Iain Monroe & Mrs Monroe


Kieren Walker

Other Information

Disciple of the Undead Prophet (foremerly)

PDS give back scheme worker (formerly)

PDS Rights Activist


Undead Prophet

Series Information

Emmett Scanlan

First Appearance

Series Two Episode One

Last Appearance

Series Two Episode Six

"Hey, it’s alright. We’ve all got our scars. "
― Simon Monroe

Simon is a PDS Rights Activist and the twelfth disciple (representing Judas) of the Undead Prophet.[1] He traveled to Roarton alongside Amy in series 2 on a mission to find the first risen.

At first he may seem quite cold and manipulative, but is soon shown to be completely different as he both grows romantically closer to Kieren and platonically closer to Amy.

He is in a romantic relationship with Kieren Walker and is best friends with Amy Dyer.

Series 2Edit

Episode 1Edit

Simon is first seen playing guitar in the ULA commune and leaves for Roarton with Amy. He properly introduces himself in the cemetery, where he first meets Kieren. Amy tells Kieren that Simon is one of the twelve disciples of the Undead Prophet, to which Kieren reacts negatively.

Later that evening, Amy and Simon head over to the Legion for a "night out" while Kieren is working there. After Kieren pushes Gary over a table for making some crude remarks (and just by being an asshole in general), Gary gets up and tries to attack Kieren, but is quickly overpowered and put into a headlock by Simon. Kieren and Simon share a look as Kieren leaves.

Episode 2 Edit

Simon helps Kieren out at the PDS Give Back Scheme, he tells him about his drug addiction and depression in his first life and shows him his track mark scars. He and Amy throw an undead rave for PDS sufferers only, they are to come bare faced and in the clothes they were buried in. He tells Kieren that he shouldn't leave and is very suggestive towards him. We see a different side to Simon.

Episode 3 Edit

Again the PDS sufferers of Roarton are made to participate in the new scheme. While Amy is intentionally left behind by Philip, Simon and Kieren are sent to clean up at the Roarton Medical Centre. While walking over, Kieren asks Simon if he's leading Amy on. He replies by saying that he isn't doing that, he's simply showing Amy love because she needs it.

There they have an argument over the treatment of PDS suffers/rabids. Simon, affected by the mistreatment of the rabids, tells Kieren of his plan to release the rabids and treat them. Kieren does not agree with the plan and tells him he wants to have no involvement. Later, Simon takes the keys for the padlocked cage where the rabids are kept from the main desk. Kieren notices and tells him to put them back which he does after some persuasion. An angered Simon leaves the GP Surgery and the pair go their separate ways.

In the evening, an out of breath Kieren knocks at his door after witnessing an incident with a rabid Freddie Preston. Simon has a look of concern on his face when Kieren enters the house. After Simon asks him what's wrong, he does not reply, but kisses him instead.

Episode 4Edit

For the first time Simon is seen wearing contacts and cover mousse as Kieren asked whether he would join him and his family for lunch, while on his way he and Kieren share a kiss. Amy sees this and is visibly upset. Arriving at the house he and Kieren settle down which leads to awkward conversation. Soon Jem and Gary arrive which leads to a tense agreement that they will stay civilised this time.

As Gary loudly begins telling everyone stories of his kills during the Rising, Simon sits quietly while Gary talks until Kieren is upset by it. Simon tries telling Kieren to calm down, but he begins to tell his own story of when he rose, and his killing during the Rising. Simon is intrigued by the detail that Kieren rose by himself at midnight. Shortly after this, Kieren and Simon go back to Amy's bungalow.

At the bungalow, Simon watches in amazement as Kieren take his contacts off and eventually begins to wipe off his cover-up mousse. Kieren then stands up and removes Simon's mousse as well.

Later, Simon calls the Undead Prophet at a phone box, calling to notify him that he has found the first risen, who he describes as "beautiful".

Episode 5 Edit

Simon having traveled to a hotel meets Julian, another activist, who delivers a recording of the Undead Prophet instructing Simon that for the Second Rising to happen he needs to kill the first risen - which he has identified as Kieren. Julian then gives him a bundle presumably of weapons, later shown indeed to be a selection of knives. Once Julian leaves, Simon begins to have a panic attack because he doesn't want to hurt Kieren.  

In a flashback, Simon as a medicated PDS Sufferer wakes up in the presence of Victor Halperin and John Weston. He is then revealed to be the first one to properly respond to Neurotriptyline, so Victor and John wish to do more tests on Simon. While Simon initially agrees, it is shown that the experiments included electric shocks and spinal surgery. Across these experiments Simon hears a voice over an intercom which has presumably been hacked somehow.

Later, Julian, another PDS Sufferer and the same one who meets Simon in the hotel, tries to convince Simon to join the ULA cause as he can be more and make a difference, while humans can't help Simon at all.

At a meeting with his father, Iain Monroe, Simon resists to having to face his father as a PDS Sufferer. The two awkwardly meet as a part of Simon's required treatment. However as he notices his mother isn't there his father quickly becomes upset and leaves, leaving Simon shouting and wondering the worst.

While Simon is later picked up to go home with Iain, the two remain to have a awkward and tense atmosphere. During the night he hears his father crying as his mothers missing presence is still deeply felt and to be grieved for as his father snaps and kicks Simon out. This is when Simon is revealed to have gone home when he rose and killed his mother.

With nowhere to go, Simon contacts Julian and joins the other disciples. 

Episode 6Edit

After watching Gary abduct Kieren, Simon follows them to the graves, where he chases Kieren down as he becomes rabid from being forcefully administered Blue Oblivion. After watching a stand off where Steve and Jem approach a rabid but resisting Kieren, a shot is fired from Pearl Pinder, and Simon jumps to protect Kieren in time as the bullet lodges itself in Simon's back.

After sitting at the Roarton Medical Centre with Kieren, Amy and Philip rush in as Amy has been wounded by Maxine stabbing her. Despite bringing her to Dr. Russo, Amy dies.

Later, as Amy's funeral proceeds, Simon puts one of Amy's flowers onto her coffin. Afterwards he joins Kieren at the Walker household where he is thanked by Steve for saving Kieren. He asks Kieren to leave Roarton with him, but Kieren has come to accept himself and be comfortable living there so he declines. Later, when asked if he is leaving, Simon decides he'll stay in Roarton, too.

Having given up the Undead Prophet's wishes to sacrifice Kieren, Simon is deemed a traitor by his followers.

Personality Edit

Simon is shown to be very serious and charismatic, who willingly helps other PDS sufferers work through their problems in group sessions, acting as the leader of them due to his place as the Twelfth Disciple in the Undead Prophet's group.

Simon is heavily hinted at to suffer badly from PTSD and/or a panic disorder from his times of being a test subject. As well as this, he shows many symptoms of possibly having autism.


Amy DyerEdit

Simon and Amy are close friends, he stays with her in the bungalow when he comes to Roarton and is very fond of her. Amy has romantic feelings towards Simon and is somewhat heartbroken when she sees him and Kieren kiss. Simon continues to live at Amy's bungalow after her death.

Kieren WalkerEdit

Kieren and Simon first meet at the Graveyard where Kieren was originally buried, where Kieren is wary of Simon and his effect on Amy. However the two soon bond and develop a friendship of sorts as they work together while in service of the PDS Give Back Scheme.

After observing the treatment of Freddie Preston while rabid, Kieren begins to see Simons views differently, but still shows caution with Simon's extreme views.

Simon is shown to be willing to put aside his more extremist beliefs in order to make Kieren happy. This is when him and Kieren begin a romantic relationship.

After hearing that Kieren rose alone at midnight he determines that Kieren is the first risen, reporting this to the Undead Prophet who later orders Simon to sacrifice Kieren to bring about the Second Rising. Armed with a knife, Simon is conflicted as he follows a rabid Kieren to carry out the sacrifice, but at the last minute jumps in front of a bullet for him to stop him being killed by a villager.

He decides to stay in Roarton to be with Kieren and keep him safe after Amy's death.

Iain Monroe Edit

Having killed his mother during the Rising, Simon was unaware of what he had done until his initial reunion with his father in the treatment centre. Later they are reunited again, however when Simon tried to speak about and apologise for his mother's death, his father dismissed him and continued to grieve alone. The two maintained a brief uncomfortable, unstable relationship until he later kicks Simon out after the first night of having him back as he angrily grieves for his wife.