Save 'n' Shop
Save n shop
Location Information

Roarton, Lancashire, England, UK

The Save 'n' Shop is the local store in Roarton. This is where Lisa Lancaster was when Kieren Walker and Amy Dyer attacked her while in their untreated state.

Series 1Edit

With flashbacks it is shown that Kieren and Amy hunted in the shop, attacking Lisa Lancaster.

Jem enters the shop looking for Lisa, only to see Kieren and Amy after they had already killed Lisa. She then left while later lied by telling everyone that she ran out of bullets, whereas in reality she was just unable to kill Kieren.

Series 2Edit

Episode 1Edit

Sue Walker and her daughter, Jem go to the shop. This is when Jem begins to panic as she experiences visions of seeing Kieren eating her friend Lisa in his untreated state. She asks for help from a worker, only for them to turn around and be a PDS sufferer. Panicking Jem quickly leaves.

Episode 2Edit

At night, Jem and Charlotte Reigns go there for alcohol and Jem starts to get worried about her surroundings again. Later on in the episode, it is revealed that Charlotte Reigns father was a PDS sufferer, having risen he was at the shop when Jem was still in the HVF. Charlotte has named Jem as the one to kill him, though this has yet to properly be seen and confirmed.

Gallery Edit

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