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Physical Description




Hair Colour


Family Information

Clive Furness

Other Family

Connie Furness (mother in law)

Other Information

Furness B&B owner

Series Information

Fiona Wass

First Appearance

Series Two Episode One

Last Appearance

Series Two Episode Six

Sandra is along with her husband, Clive the owner of Furness B&B

Series TwoEdit

Episode OneEdit

Having given a room to Maxine Martin , Sandra is welcoming to her as she invites her to watch TV with her downstairs. However before leaving she gives her support to Maxine, having voted for Victus she is uncomfortable and warns about how her mother in law is a PDS sufferer.

While out looking for her cat a male rabid attacks her, Maxine then uses a drill to kill him before he can kill Sandra.

Episode TwoEdit

When Sandra is cleaning Maxine's room, she looks at her wall which has pictures of PDS sufferers in Roarton, when Maxine enters her room she discovers that Sandra has noticed the pictures of the PDS Sufferers on the wall. She informs Sandra that she didn't have to and that she would get a PDS Sufferer from the PDS Give Back Scheme to do the cleaning. She declines and leaves her room.

Episode ThreeEdit

In the morning, Sandra comes up to Maxine's room to give her tea. When no one answers the first time, Maxine responds and tells her that she's busy. Sandra leaves the tea outside her room. Sandra is curious and looks through the keyhole and gets a look at what Maxine is up to. Later on, when Maxine is downstairs in the dinning room, Sandra is asking her questions about her work, while Maxine is going through her paperwork. One of the topics is about Blue Oblivion. Maxine is curious about what Sandra and her husband, Clive did during The Rising. She is saved by the doorbell, in which, Jem Walker wants to see Maxine.

Episode FourEdit

While at the Furness B&B, she is watching a tape she got given off Abigail Lamb. At first she thinks it's a detective show but it turns out to be a tape that Abigail Lamb has been filming of Philip Wilson going in and out of the PDS Brothel in Roarton.

Episode FiveEdit

Episode SixEdit

Sandra like many other residents attend the Roarton Winter Fete where she comments on Connie's face painting as well as later witnessing Maxine's breakdown.

When clearing Maxine's room out she is asked by Clive if she'd vote Victus again, to which she refuses to.


Clive Furness Sandra early on is shown to have a slightly uneasy relationship with Clive where she is controlling and primarily is frustrated and uncomfortable with the fact she has to live with her PDS Sufferer mother in law. It is then later revealed that she has had a affair with Jimmy Redmayne which Clive was aware of, despite this however both decided to maintain their marriage.

Connie FurnessEdit

The two despise each other.

Trivia Edit

  • Has a cat named Lewis

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