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Sherry Ormerod

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Series Two Episode One

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Series Two Episode Six

Rose is a character first introduced in Series Two.

Series TwoEdit

Series Two Episode OneEdit

In the Roarton Legion, Rose is talking to her friend, Brenda about the tragic events of recent, one of the main topics is about the death of Ken Burton. When Kieren Walker is collecting the glasses both Rose and Brenda sit back to get away from him. Maxine Martin, Vicar Oddie and Philip Wilson come in and Maxine joins the two women and gets their verdict on the death of Ken Burton. Rose says that it was Ken's own fault for going into the city in the first place, no one else's and that she warned him, Brenda backs her up. After their discussion, Maxine offers Rose and Brenda a top up, Rose and Brenda accepts the offer. When she heads to the bar, Rose and Brenda start talking about Maxine, saying that she's full of herself.

Series Two Episode FourEdit

During a council meeting with the Roarton residents, Rose is present and witnesses Sylvia Lonsdale getting up and yelling about her son, Henry Lonsdale. Sylvia starts getting angry at Maxine Martin and says that she's a liar and that she wants the help of her friends. Rose then stands up and helps her back to her seat to calm her down.

Series Two Episode SixEdit

Rose and her friend, Brenda, are seen together when the new fence is opened by Maxine Martin, she is there and she also accompanies a large amount of Roarton residents, including Jem Walker.

At the end of the episode, just like episode one, Rose and her friend, Brenda, are gossiping about the PDS sufferers. While behind them, Zoe and other PDS sufferers, are talking about Simon Monroe.


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