Roarton Valley High School
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Roarton, Lancashire, England, UK


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Roarton Valley High School which notably Jem has begun attending by Series 2.


Series TwoEdit

Series Two Episode OneEdit

The school makes it first appearance in which sees Jem eating in the school cafeteria on her own. While looking at her is a member of a group of PDS Sufferers, Henry Lonsdale who want to go out with her. Sitting at the table with him is Rob and Frankie Kirby. Jem looks in the direction of him but at the table with Charlotte Reigns, Hilary and Karen.

Series Two Episode TwoEdit

In history class, Jem sits with Henry Lonsdale, Frankie Kirby and Rob. When the class is talking about The Rising, Henry is motivated by his crush on Jem to include her by mentioning the HVF. This leads to Jem talking about her experience in the force. After the class, the three girls from the previous episode, Charlotte, Hilary and Karen approach her and ask for her to sit with them at lunch.

At lunch, Jem tells the three girls about her experience in the force. Henry approaches the table and asks Jem weather or not she has a partner yet for the show and tell project. Before she could respond, Charlotte informs him that she is working with her.

One of the students is Rob, who is a a friend of Henry Lonsdale. They are a group of PDS sufferers within the school, who first appeared in the last episode. Rob reveals that he has Blue Oblivion which he intends to use to scare the school.

Later in the bathroom Rob takes the Blue Oblivion, having debated whether or not the effects are permanent he takes it anyway. After smashing through a classroom window he is approached by Jem who has been pressured by the class to kill him. With a knife Jem stands in the corridor only to wet herself under the intense pressure and fright she has upon seeing him, he then turns back to his medicated self.

Maxine Martins responds to the situation, asking Rob to write down the web address and passwords to access the website of The Undead Prophet.

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