filming location for PDS Brothel
Location Information

woods terrace marsden uk



A secret from the general community of Roarton, the brothel served visitors such as Philip Wilson. It was later discovered and exposed by Maxine Martin.

It is unknown whether the brothel has a official name, other than referenced as simply a 'PDS Brothel'


  • Cherie
  • Unnamed female
  • Unnamed human male (owner?)


Series TwoEdit

Series Two Episode FourEdit

After gathering enough evidence Maxine organizes a protest in front of the brothel that numerous villagers participate in, while the Roarton Protection Service breaks in and drags everyone out to be lined up in front of the crowd.

Philip, after being given the choice to side and be blackmailed by Maxine or ruin his reputation and position, decides to make a stand. He gives a speech to the villagers, but his attempts to change their minds are futile, as they angrily resume their protest.

To the shock of the villagers Philip lines up with the other people dragged out of the brothel, condemning himself in the eyes of Roartons residents completely.

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