Macy Home
Macy home
Location Information

Roarton, Lancashire, England, UK


Janet Macy


Bill Macy (formerly)
Rick Macy (formerly)
Janet Macy (formerly)

This is the home of the Macy's. There is currently no one living at the house but the previous family that lived there where the Macy's, in which had Janet Macy, her husband Bill Macy and her son Rick Macy.

Series 1Edit

Series 1 Episode OneEdit

Series 1 Episode TwoEdit

Series 1 Episode ThreeEdit

Series 2Edit

Series Two Episode OneEdit

When Kieren Walker and Amy Dyer are walking Kieren sees the house. He sees it is boarded up and it is for sale, this implied that that Janet has moved out of the area after her husband's and son's death in the previous series.

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