Kieren Walker
Biographical Information

Alive (Undead)

Current Age

18 (26)


18th March 1991


30th November 2009

Reanimated Date

20th December 2009 (00:00)



Physical Description

PDS sufferer (Undead)



Hair Colour

Strawberry blonde

Eye Colour

White (currently)

Brown (formerly)

Family Information

Steve Walker & Sue Walker


Rick Macy (formerly)
Simon Monroe (currently)


Jem Walker (Sister)

Other Information

PDS give back scheme worker (possibly formerly)

Bartender (formerly)

Student (formerly)


The First Risen (suspected)

Series Information

Luke Newberry

First Appearance

Series One Episode One

Last Appearance

Series Two Episode Six

This page contains intense spoilers for new viewers. Please read at your own risk.
"It’s definitely in his top three meals we don’t eat."
― Kieren Walker

A Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferer; Kieren, also known as Kier or Ren, is the protagonist in the series.

In 2009, his best friend/implied romantic interest Rick Macy died in Afganistan. Kieren blamed himself for his death and eventually committed suicide later that year.

Kieren came back during The Rising, and as an untreated zombie (PDS sufferer), hunted the Living with Amy Dyer. He and Amy killed Lisa Lancaster.

After being treated, he was sent back to his family in Roarton, where he was forced to face the consequences of his death, a hostile community who already hated him and the things he did in his untreated state.

He is in a romantic relationship with Simon Monroe.

Amy Dyer is his BDFF (Best Dead Friend Forever).

Series 1 Edit

Episode 1 Edit

We first meet Kieren in his 'untreated' state in the form of a flashback, which is revealed to be a side-effect of Neurotriptyline; the drug used to artificially stimulate neurogenesis glial cells in the brain. After a flashback of Kieren attacking Lisa Lancaster with Amy Dyer, we see Kieren in the Norfolk treatment center where he has been treated for the past few months. During his last few days there, a friend named Alex introduces him to the 'Undead Prophet'.

He returns home and is forced to remain hidden from other members of the community. His parents are trying their best to ignore Kieren's partially deceased state, telling him to pretend to eat dinner with them. His sister Jemima reacts harshly to him, saying she won't come into the house while Kieren's there and calling him an 'it'.

The episode ends with Jem warning the Walkers that Bill Macy, the head of the Human Volunteer Force and the father of Kieren's friend Rick, knows about Kieren and is coming to get him. As the family prepares for an attack, it turns out that their neighbor Ken Burton has a partially deceased wife, Maggie Burton. She is dragged out of her house as Bill threatens to kill her, and does so eventually.

Episode 2 Edit

After Kieren's mother and sister leave for a ceremony honouring the victims of the Rising, and Kieren's father has to leave for work, Kieren grabs a hoodie and sets out.

He goes to find his grave which is in a quarantined graveyard, many graves are ripped open from when the PDSS rose. Kieren then meets up with his old hunting partner Amy Dyer at the cemetery, and they take a day trip to the fair. Whilst at the fair the pair discuss life and death before Kieren is recognized by someone who attended his funeral and he runs away.

Rick returns home and is awkwardly greeted by his family and friends. Kieren's parents decided not to tell him that Rick's back. Jem voices her opinion against that but his silenced by her parents.

After Amy comes by Kieren's house, the two share a serious conversation about their deaths. Amy reveals she died of leukemia and that she thought her life had ended before it even began. She asks Kieren about how he died, and Kieren rolls up his sleeves and shows her his open slits in his wrists. Jem then inturrupts the two by telling Kieren that Rick's alive.

After finding out that Rick is back, he and Amy go to the Legion and Kieren reunites with his best friend. He ends up joining Rick on a mission to find some rabid PDS sufferers in the forest and manages to convince them to hand them in for a reward instead of killing them. Rick and Bill Macy leave Kieren behind in the forest as the episode ends.

Episode 3 Edit

Kieren gets a flashback of when he attacked and killed Lisa, remembering more of what happened. We learn that Jem had been the one that found Kieren and that she was best friends with Lisa. Kieren goes to her and tells her that he would have done anything to stopped it from happening. Jem reveals that she feels responsible for Lisa's death but admits that she couldn't pull the trigger on Kieren even if he was rabid.

Kieren tells Jem that he's going to tell Lisa's parents what happened and give them some peace. Jem and him connect as she comes with him and comforts Kieren.

Kieren meets Amy at the train station and bids her goodbye. On his way home, Billy Macy drives by Kieren. Unbeknownst to him, he's carrying with him Rick's body. Kieren approaches his house and rushes over to where Bill had placed Rick's dead body against the garage door. A broken Kieren begins to sob as he whispers something into Rick's ear. He pulls the knife out of Rick's head and storms off.

After a tragic confrontation with Bill, Kieren leaves the Macy house. Kieren goes to the den where he and Rick used to hang out, and where he committed suicide. His mother finds him and they have a heart to heart before returning home, where the Walkers finally discuss Kieren's death and the impact it had on them. The episode ends with Kieren, as well as other members of the village, attending Rick and Bill's funeral.

Series 2 Edit

Episode 1Edit

Kieren has decided to pack his bags and he plans to leave for Paris, much to other's disagreements. He has taken up a job at the Legion, Pearl has even offered for him to stay in Roarton and run the pub.

Amy returns and tries to convince Kieren not to leave, and then tells Kieren that their wedding is off because she is "betrothed to another". We later find out that this is Simon she is referring to. She then asks if Kieren is involved with anyone; Kieren immediately shoots that idea down saying "Who’d want someone like me?". Amy responds by calling him "moregeous" (more than gorgeous).

Later that day, Kieren enters the graveyard to find Simon sitting on Kieren's grave. After a brief conversation about poetry and Kieren's epitaph, Amy interrupts them. She formally introduces Simon to Kieren, explaining that he is one of the 12 disciples of the Undead Prophet. Kieren is visibly disappointed. The three then have a small argument about the ULA (Undead Liberation Army), the PDS attacks on trains, and the hate crimes against PDS sufferers. Simon then tells Kieren that running away won't solve anything and that Kieren's already been given a new life so he can only live it here. It strikes a nerve with Kieren.

That evening, Amy and Simon head to the Legion 'au naturale'. Gary, who is drinking with two of his friends quickly become disgusted by the two's appearances. Kieren tries to get Simon and Amy out of the pub before any trouble happens, but after too many hateful words said by Gary to the three of them, Kieren has had enough. He finally tells Gary that he's not allowed to be talking like that and he tells him to get out. Gary refuses, saying he doesn't take orders from "a lad who wears make up" while smearing off some of Kieren's cover-up on his cheek.

Kieren violently shoves Gary away from him, causing him to topple over a table. Gary angrily gets back up and rushes to Kieren. He's about to get his hands on him when Simon comes up from behind him and puts Gary into a headlock. Chaos descends on the pub as Gary begins to choke, Pearl pulls a gun on Simon, demanding he let him go, and Gary's friends tells Pearl to shoot Simon. Kieren is the first one to move, he walks over to Pearl who then immediately points her gun at Kieren. She demands Kieren stay where he is. In response, Kieren slams the Legion's keys on the bar table and walks out. Simon calls after him and Kieren gives everyone a 'f--k you lot' look. Simon releases Gary once Kieren leaves.

The last we see is Kieren angrily packing his things in a suitcase.

Episode 2Edit

We start the episode right where we left off. Kieren is ready to leave for Paris and he is bid goodbye by his family. Amy tries to get him to stay but he decided to leave. He tries to buy a train ticket but is informed that he is not allowed to leave because all PDSS are required to go to a meeting.

After getting an odd look from Simon, all the PDSS at the meeting are informed that a nation-wide plan has been put into action. All PDS sufferers must partake in a PDS Give Back Scheme to "help rebuild the community they once destroyed". Kieren tells Maxine Martin that he has a plane to catch so he can't do the scheme. She tells Kieren that his passport is outdated and that he needs to redo his passport with a PDS form, but the only way to get the form is to get a citizenship certificate and that the only way to get a certificate is to complete the Give-Back-Scheme.

During a PDS-Give-Back "volunteer" work, Simon invites Kieren, as well as other PDSS to a rave. After finding out that the PDS Give-Back certificates were a scam, Kieren goes to the rave to talk with Simon.

While talking by a campfire, Simon tells Kieren a story about how he had gone to America because he thought he'd be happier; unfortunately he became miserable again. Kieren tells Simon that he believes that there's nothing for him in Roarton. Simon comforts Kieren by saying he has his family and he has Amy. And much to Kieren's surprise, Simon gingerly takes Kieren's hand and says "there's me..." with a smirk.

Episode 3Edit

While Kieren and Simon work together doing the Give-Back-Scheme, the two get into an argument about the treatment of the rabids in the clinic. Simon wants to break the PDS sufferer out and medicate them himself, while Kieren doesn't want to be involved because he believes the treatment centre is the best place for them.

Simon angrily leaves, telling Kieren that he was wrong about him. Later that night, Gary calls the Walker house looking for Jem, wanting to tell her that Freddie Preston had gone rabid and he needs help dealing with him. Immediately, Kieren rushes to find Freddie. He calms down Freddie's rabid state enough for Kieren to medicate him, and he is carried to Gary's truck to be taken back to Norfolk. Gary, who is being forceful with Freddie, threatens Kieren by saying that he could get away with doing anything to PDS sufferers.

A tired Kieren walks away from the scene, realizing the injustice that partially deceased syndrome sufferers face. He then breaks into a run. We see him arrive at Amy's bungalow, he is greeted by Simon, who is concerned by Kieren's current state (out of breath and missing makeup/contact lenses).

Kieren opens his mouth to speak, but after deciding 'f--k it', he rushes Simon with a kiss; Simon quickly accepts it.

Episode 4Edit

While attending yet another meeting of the workers in the Give Back Scheme, Kieren sees that neither Simon or Amy have arrived. He then goes to visit them where he sees Simon in a ULA meeting with other PDS sufferers.

He then talks to Simon and voices his distrust of 'brainwashing' other people, which he won't allow Simon to do to him, though he is then told this is not the case. He tells Simon that he could be better if he acted more like a normal person. Simon tells him he would do anything to convince Kieren that he's serious about him, which leads to his agreement to join his family for lunch.

With Simon having covered himself in mousse and put in his contacts he leaves with Kieren, but kisses him in the street, which a shocked Amy sees.

Kieren arrives at the house and settles down with Simon awkwardly as they try making conversation with each other. Jem and Gary arrive shortly after and Gary starts telling stories of him killing PDS sufferers during the Rising. This angers Kieren and prompts him to angrily tell his own story of when he rose, revealing details of him rising at midnight where no others had risen yet. He storms out of the house with Simon following shortly behind.

At the bungalow he sits in Simon's room, taking out his contacts before beginning to wipe away his mousse. He then walks over and does the same to Simon.

Episode 6 Edit

After the previous events of his arrest, Kieren, being under house arrest, is put under even more restraint by Steve as he locks Kieren in his room. As Steve and Sue leave for the fete with Jem, Kieren is left locked in his room.

After using a wire to push the key out of the keyhole, Kieren uses a piece of paper to catch the key, however as soon as he opens the door to his surprise Gary is on the other side. After restraining Kieren's arms, Gary tries to get Kieren to confess of the activities of him being affiliated with Simon, who he demands the location of. After Kieren refuses, Gary begins ransacking the room which leads to him finding the Blue Oblivion pills that Kieren found at Simon's. Convinced Kieren is a part of the Blue Oblivion attacks and was going to use it at the Fete, he abducts Kieren in his truck and takes him to a nearby field, administering the Blue Oblivion and cutting him loose.

After desperately running away, Kieren is unaware of Simon witnessing his abduction and that he has followed him to complete the Undead Prophet's mission of initiating the Second Rising by killing the First Risen. After stumbling to the graveyard, Kieren attempts tying himself to a grave, however fails to, as the Blue Oblivion has taken effect. Meanwhile, Jem has been notified by Gary of Kierens whereabouts and him going rabid, so entering the graveyard, Jem approaches Kieren only to indeed see him in a rabid state.

As Steve attempts to bring Kieren out of his rabid state, it is shown that he is fighting the effects of the Blue Oblivion. The two get even closer, which ends up scaring everyone. Pearl Pinder responds by firing her gun. However, Simon, while watching from a distance, leaps in the way, saving Kieren as the bullet hits his back instead. Shortly after, Kieren successfully fights off the last of the Blue Oblivion and returns to his normal self.

Personality Edit

He is somewhat quiet and socially awkward, he enjoys music, books, culture, and above all, is an avid painter.

Besides being a PDS sufferer, Kieren also struggles with depression, claustrophobia, anxiety, and extreme guilt about what he did in his untreated state and also seems to be hinted at having Schizophrenia or Schizoaffective Disorder because of what he done in his untreated state.

Kieren suffers from very low self-esteem throughout most of the series. In the first episode of series 2, he says that he leaves his contacts in all the time, even while he's asleep, and later covers up the bathroom mirror with a towel before removing his cover-up. During a conversation with Amy, she asks Kieren if he has found someone special while she was away. Kieren responds with saying "Who’d want someone like me?".

He eventually becomes more accepting of himself and takes off his cover-up, with the help of Simon and Amy.

Sexuality Edit

Writer Dominic Mitchell describes his sexuality by saying that "He's not gay but he’s not straight. He’s more in love with the person than the gender." This quote complies with the definition of bisexuality/pansexuality. Dominic Mitchell also said that he based Kieren on himself, and Dominic is bisexual. [1] [2]

As of August 16th 2016, Dominic Mitchell confirmed Kieren's sexuality to be pansexual. [source]

Relationships Edit

Jem WalkerEdit

At first, Jem is reluctant and hostile towards Kieren when he returns from Norfolk, however she gradually comes to terms with her brother being a PDS sufferer after the two have a heart to heart about the guilt they were feeling. The two maintain a good relationship.

Amy Dyer Edit

A companion to Kieren in his rabid state, the two of them hunted the living together. They meet again in their treated states, and form a strong bond. Amy's positive outlook helps Kieren, and they declare each other Best Dead Friends Forever. It is also suggested that Amy previously had romantic feelings for Kieren though in the second season she proclaims that she loves Kieren but "not like that".

Rick Macy Edit

It is known the two had a very strong relationship, so much so that Rick's death pushed Kieren over the edge. Blaming himself, he committed suicide. It is heavily suggested that Kieren previously had romantic feelings for Rick Macy.[3] Kieren still deeply cares for Rick as shown in the second season, Kieren visits Rick's grave with flowers and begins talking to him. Though it appears Kieren is coming to terms with Rick's death as he states that Rick's not even there.

Simon Monroe Edit

After wanting to avoid any activities or participation in Simons extreme views, Kieren saw them differently after the treatment of Freddie Preston. The two share a kiss and the next day, Simon wants to prove that he truly cares for Kieren so Simon joins the Walker family for dinner in full cover up and contacts. Simon helps Kieren accept who he really is and encourages Kieren to go without makeup. Dominic Mitchell has stated that Simon probably loves Kieren more than Kieren loves him. Simon often stares lovingly at Kieren and has said that Kieren is beautiful.