Ken's Nephew
Ken's Nephew
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Ken Burton (Uncle) Maggie Burton (Aunt)

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Jack Gardiner & Luke Gardiner

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Series Two Episode One

Last Appearance

Series Two Episode One

Ken's Nephew is first introduced in Series Two Episode One and he also dies alongside his uncle, Ken Burton in the same episode.

Series TwoEdit

Episode OneEdit

Ken's Nephew and himself are walking through a city and they walk past two PDS Sufferers and the nephew responds and says rotters. Ken gets angry and says that he can't go around saying that. In which the nephew says his friend says it all the time. His nephew then goes on to say that Roarton is boring but Ken says it isn't.

They than get to the tram station and miss the first tram that comes past first. When the second tram arrives, both of them get onto it and so do the terrorist PDS sufferers. When the PDS sufferers start yelling, his nephew starts to get worried about whats going on. Ken tries to calm him down but when the PDS sufferers turn rabid, having taken Blue Oblivion, Ken tells his nephew to run and so he does.

Later on in the episode, Denise informs Shirley Wilson that Ken died, also implying that so did his nephew.


Ken BurtonEdit

Ken and his nephew seem to have a good relationship as seen in Series Two Episode One. They were seen laughing and also he didn't like how he called the PDS sufferers, rotters. It also looked like Ken cared for his nephew, when the terrorist attack happens and told him to run.

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