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Biographical Information

Alive (undead)

Physical Description

PDS Sufferer



Family Information

Other Information

Series Information

Anthony Flanagan

First Appearance

Series Two Episode Five

Last Appearance

Series Two Episode Six

Julian was another patient of Victor Halperin and John Weston, he urged Simon to join him and the disciples of the Undead Prophet.

Series 2Edit

Episode FiveEdit

Julian meets up with Simon at the Comfort Express where he delivers a tape of the Undead Prophet ordering Simon to kill the first risen, as well as providing the knives to do it.

In a flashback it is revealed that Julian had met Simon at the Norfolk Treatment Centre , where he somehow managed to hack into the centre's system to speak to him during Victor and Johns tests on him. He then tried again persuading Simon that he can be more if he joins the ULA cause while humans won't beable to help him, he gives Simon a number as the two depart.

Although Simon initially had resisted joining, he meets up with Julian and the other disciples after being left nowhere to go after being kicked out of his fathers house.

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