Henry Lonsdale
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PDS sufferer



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Sylvia Lonsdale

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Rob Frankie Kirby

Series Information

Charlie Kenyon

First Appearance

Series Two Episode One

Last Appearance

Series Two Episode Two

Henry Lonsdale was a student at Roarton Valley High School.

His mother has claimed Henry to be psychic, though this hasn't been proved and can't be since Henry's death.

Series TwoEdit

Episode Two Edit

Henry while in a class with Jem brings up the subject of the HVF, exposing her as one of the members to the class.

Later at lunch, he asks Jem to be his show and tell partner before Charlotte intervenes, stating she is Jems partner instead. Walking away, he rejoins his table where his friend Rob reveals that he has obtained some Blue Oblivion so that he can scare the school.

As he accompanies Rob when he takes the Blue Oblivion he escapes from the toilets as Rob goes on a rampage, however is quickly reverted back to his medicated state.

Like Rob he is questioned by Maxine Martin as to the Blue Oblivion, Rob reveals that he received them from the Undead Prophet.

Later that night, Henry attends the PDS party which Simon and Amy throw, getting in a sort of drunk state from eating sheep's brains. He wanders into the forest where Jem and Gary have been unofficially patrolling, as Jem panics she pulls the trigger, instantly killing him as she has shot him directly in the head.

Episode FourEdit

Henry is seen in a vision of Jems guilt as she patrols the forest with Gary.


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