Freddie Preston
Biographical Information

Alive (Undead)

Physical Description

PDS sufferer



Hair Colour


Family Information

Haley (formerly)

Other Information

PDS Give Back Scheme Worker

Series Information

Bryan Parry

First Appearance

Series Two Episode One

Last Appearance

Series Two Episode Three

Freddie Preston is a PDS sufferer who since coming back has lived in his ex-wife Haley 's house who has since moved on with a new boyfriend Amir .

Series 2Edit

Episode 3Edit

After inviting Haley to a garage he tries to persuade Haley to stay with him however she only went there to reject him as she prefers the life she has with Amir. After this Freddie remembers that he hasn't taken his medication which after struggling turns rabid, leaving Haley trapped as the garage door is jammed. 

With the help of Gary opening the door, Kieren manages to coax Freddie to stay put long enough for him to inject him with the medication. Shortly after he is put in the back of a truck tied up and taken by Gary back to Norfolk Treatment Centre.



Freddie is shown to love Haley deeply still after coming back, as he contantly reminices with her and tries to win her affections despite her having a boyfriend. He offers to go away with her however she declines as he is said to not have been a good husband and never have been there for Haley when she needed him to be.

He pleads that he can change for Haley, being a better person for her but is rejected in the end.

When he missed his shot of Neurotriptyline Freddie despite changing gave a hammer to Haley to kill him before he hurt her, showing he would rather die than hurt her.

Dean Halton Edit

Dean and Freddie owned a Window Washing business together.

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