Duncan Lancaster
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Family Information

Patty Lancaster


Lisa Lancaster

Series Information

Steve Garti[1]

First Appearance

Series One Episode One

Last Appearance

Series Two Episode Six

Duncan Lancaster is married to Patty Lancaster, their daughter was Lisa Lancaster.[2] He is a member of the Parish Council.

Series 1 Edit

Series 2 Edit

Episode 1 Edit

Duncan is seen in a meeting with the Council as they discuss how to protect the village, as Maxine walks in stating she killed a unknown rabid PDS sufferer. He like the council are shocked to hear this.

He then asks the gender of the PDS sufferer, turning out to be male. This is likely as he still hopes that his daughter Lisa is still out there.

Episode 5 Edit

Like the other council members Duncan is present as Kieren is accused of breaking into the Roarton Medical Centre and letting loose some rabids.

Personality Edit

Although part of the Parish Council Duncan is one of the more sympathetic people towards PDS sufferers, this is tied to the fact that he hopes his daughter will return to him one day as she is possibly lost somewhere and a PDS sufferer.


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