Connie Furness
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Biographical Information


Physical Description

PDS sufferer



Hair Colour


Family Information


Clive Furness

Other Family

Sandra Furness (daughter-in-law)

Other Information

Series Information

Sara Kestelman

First Appearance

Series Two Episode One

Last Appearance

Series Two Episode Six

Connie Furness is the mother of Clive Furness, in turn mother-in-law of Sandra. She is a PDS sufferer and currently stays at their B&B.

Series TwoEdit

Episode OneEdit

While watching a detective show in the Furness B&B with her son, Clive Furness, her daughter in law, Sandra Furness and guest, Maxine Martin she complains that she didn't crawl out of the ground to sit and watch detective shows and she starts to have an argument with her son and daughter in law. During the commercial break, Sandra heads out to feed Lewis. Sandra ends up getting attacked by a rotter, Clive and Maxine deal with the situation while Connie stands and watches.

Episode TwoEdit

When the PDS sufferers are being told about the new PDS Give Back Scheme, she alongside the rest of the Roarton PDS sufferers are shocked at the idea. She is then seen signing up and disgusted that she's even a part of the scheme.

Episode ThreeEdit

When Dean Halton is giving the PDS sufferers their jobs for the day, he says that Connie Furness and others have got to go and work at the Furness B&B. When she is told this she isn't happy, and says that having lived there for most of her life she doesn't want to work there. Despite the objections she has to work there.

Episode FourEdit

Connie is seen with the rest of the PDS sufferers at a meeting, where she is at the front with a leaflet and reading off it with Dean. She is being assessed for her life skills. She ends up getting a six and Dean says that he's being nice. Connie goes back to her seat in anger.

Episode SixEdit

While attending the Roarton Winter Fete Connie gets her face painted which Sandra remarks on. She then snaps back at her.

Later Connie is one of many who witness Maxine's breakdown, which to her fright announces all PDS Sufferers within Roarton must be killed.

Relationships Edit

Sandra FurnessEdit

Both Connie and Sandra have a mutual dislike for one another, while Sandra doesn't like PDS sufferers she had no choice in letting Connie stay at the B&B.

Clive FurnessEdit

As Clive is her son, they are bound to have a good standing relationship as mother and son but in Series Two Episode One it looked like Clive gets easily annoyed by her.

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