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Series Two Episode Six

Brenda is a character first introduced in Series Two.

Series TwoEdit

Episode OneEdit

Brenda is in the Roarton Legion talking to her friend, Rose about current events. While they are drinking, they talk about the death of Ken Burton. While most of the time it's Rose doing the talking, Brenda does back up Rose on her opinions. When Kieren Walker collects the glasses off their table, both of them lean back in disgust. Later on, Maxine Martin, Vicar Oddie and Philip Wilson enter the Roarton Legion, only to join the two women.

Maxine wants to get their verdict on the latest news of Ken Burton dying. Both women tell her that it's his fault and Brenda backs her up. Maxine then offers the two women a top of, which both of them accept. When herself and Philip head to the bar, Brenda says that she's a bit full of herself and Rose agrees.

Episode FourEdit

During the council meeting with the Roarton residents, Brenda is present and is seen with the other residents. Although she doesn't say anything, she is seen briefly when Sylvia Lonsdale starts shouting about her son, Henry Lonsdale.



She seems to be good friends with Rose as seen in Series Two Episode One. They are talking about the death of Ken Burton and drinking in the Roarton Legion. They also seem to have similar opinions on certain topics, mainly on Ken as they both agree it's his own fault, on PDS Sufferers as they both lean back when Kieren Walker is collecting the drinks and that they think Maxine Martin is full of herself.

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