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Mrs Lamb is a resident of Roarton who is also on the Parish Council. She spied on visitors of the PDS Brothel, recording the visitors on tapes and later handed them to Maxine Martin.

Series 2Edit

Episode 4 Having monitered Philip entering the PDS Brothel she finally confronted him, spitting in his face as she angrily shouted at him. She then later tells Maxine she will give the tapes over to her, in support as evidence for the protest scheduled to happen at the Brothel.

After giving tapes to Sandra  were presumed to be detective show recordings it glitches as Sandra watches, revealing that it was retaped over with the recordings that she kept monitering the Brothel. Shortly after Sandra had left she was approached by Philip and was convinced that his frequent trips were to persuade turn the girls there away from sin, she tells Shirley this as she passes her.

Mrs Lamb is soon seen at the protest, seeing Philip she smiles but quickly realises the truth after his speech to everyone.

Episode 5Edit

At some point Mrs Lamb was appointed on the Parish Council and like her fellow members is convinced that Kieren along with Simon were the ones to break into the Roarton Medical Centre, she like Pearl actively accuses Kieren and demand for a recorded confession.

Kieren denying the claims smashes the recorder on the floor much to her shock.

Episode 6Edit

At the Roarton Winter Fete, Philip Wilson and his girlfriend, Amy Dyer hand their tickets to Abigail and she is shocked to see Philip and says a smug remark at him.


Mrs Lamb is a firm believer in Christianity as shown by various objects in her home. She also is quite loud and shouts when she doesn't get her way.


  • Although her name is stated as Abigail Lamb in the series, in the credits she is credited as Mrs Lamb.

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